In East Boston, Pinched between Progress and Pain

City Life/Vida Urbana appears in the Boston Globe again.

"Data from the real estate database Zillow show the median monthly rent in Eastie has climbed more than 40 percent in four years, reaching $2,255 in December, bringing the neighborhood in line with rental prices in the rest of the city, according to Zillow’s rental index. Boston rents as a whole increased about 20 percent in the same period.

'You’re taking families away from their social fabric, leading to the weakening of the social fabric and the societal problems we’re seeing in East Boston today,' said Del Castillo, who leads weekly meetings at which residents seek legal help with their housing problems.

'Young people are being moved from home to home, school system to school system. . . . All of this puts kids at risk.'"


Boston Globe Article on East Boston Progress and Pain