Our Values

SOLIDARITY – We believe it is vital to understand and act on the connection between your own self-interest and the interest of others while addressing power imbalances based on race, class, gender, and other oppressions.

HOUSING AS A HUMAN RIGHT – We believe one of the basic human rights is the right to affordable housing. 

SELF DETERMINATION & SPEAKING ONE’S TRUTH – We believe that people must have the power to control their own lives, develop their own understanding about their situation, break the silence and tell the story of their struggles in facing displacement, and be involved in making decisions that affect their community and themselves.

CHALLENGE INTOLERANCE AND OPPRESSION – We believe that in order to create a just society, we must challenge intolerance and act against oppression.

SERVE THE PEOPLE – We believe that addressing the needs of people is more important than upholding the needs of profit making institutions.

LINKING ACTION TO REFLECTION – We recognize that advancing the movement and the fight for racial, social and economic justice requires continual reflection, coupled with intentional action (fighting with heart and mind). 

LONG-TERM COMMITTMENT TO HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT OF WORKING AND POOR PEOPLE – We believe that it is important to incorporate spirit, heart, body, and mind into our organizing and leadership development. We do this in part by living our values, building lasting relationships, creating theater and art, and incorporating study, action, and reflection.