Our Spring 2019 fundraising drive, Give to The Heart of The City, was a big success!

This June, we launched our biggest spring fundraising campaign in City Life history. Over the last two years, over 70 of our members and community have gone through our Radical Redistribution training and gained the skills we need to be grassroots fundraisers. By building our organization with small donations focused in our communities, we’re able to ensure that City Life has full autonomy to fight for real and systemic change. 

We went in to our spring fundraiser with an optimistic goal of raising $30,000 from grassroots fundraising efforts. This was especially challenging because we didn’t have a huge fundraiser event like we did last year, so if we were going to meet our goal, we needed to try something different, and we did a lot: 

  • 36 people, mostly CLVU leaders (and even some brave new supporters) leveled up their fundraising skills through volunteering to be powerbuilders.
  • we held 4 trainings/workshops in June, 3 in JP and one in East Boston
  • we had folks come in last week to phonebank (thanks Robin, Claire, Bob, and Judy!)
  • and we sent over 800 letters to donors to let them know what we're up to

And it paid off!

  • Our goal was: $30,000, 300 donors, 30 new sustainers
  • We had 294 donations (85 of these are new donors!)
  • We have 22 new sustainers (monthly donors)
  • Which means that, as a result of our work, we raised $30,216. We met our goal!

Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, donated, and shared our posts on social media. We couldn’t have done this without you.