Housing is health!

City Life/Vida Urbana is lucky to announce that Noel Sanders recently began working with us to support people who have intersecting housing and health struggles. Noel is working with us through the Boston Community Health Initiative (BCHI), a community health organization "dedicated to addressing the racism & classism in our state’s healthcare system."

From Noel: "The Boston Community Health Initiative is a project that addresses healthcare inequality. Our goal is to seek out patients who have gotten compromised care, help them gain access to quality care, and empower them to fight back. We understand that the healthcare industry is a for-profit model that is not meant to serve those who need it most; it actively makes money off of people being sick. These disparities are present disproportionately in communities of color. In Boston, these communities are Dorchester, Roxbury, and East Boston. We empower patients to fight for the quality care they deserve, and through that, we are working to create an equitable healthcare system Boston! 

Along with City Life, we’re fighting the biggest forms of oppression that Boston faces: gentrification of housing, and gentrification of healthcare access. The two work together to keep racism, ableism, and sexism alive. They keep residents from having access to the human rights of housing and health. It often presents as tenant health issues that are caused or worsened by housing conditions. We’re standing with you to say NO to that! We work directly with community residents to identify their health needs and the extent to which they’re currently being unmet by existing institutions, laws, and policies. 

BCHI is currently working with Covid-19 mutual aid networks to connect those that they serve with healthcare support. We are helping people deal with barriers that arise with their healthcare providers, both in seeking care during the pandemic and with their preexisting needs."

If you know anyone who needs access to affordable medical care or medical advocacy, reach out to Noel Sanders at [email protected]!