Housing rights & resources during COVID-19


We have launched an emergency hotline for people facing eviction during the public health crisis. Please CALL US immediately if you're afraid you'll get evicted soon.



Use these template letters to write a letter directly to your landlord, if you're a renter, or your bank, if you're a homeowner. Writing a letter will help you create the best outcome. When you send the letter, make sure to copy us on the email by CC'ing communications@clvu.org. That way, we can make sure to continue to support you.

For critical information on writing to your landlord or bank, including recommended letter templates you can download, click HERE

3. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Most evictions in Massachusetts are outlawed right now under the state's Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium

On Monday, 4/20/20, Governor Baker signed the Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium into law.

Here's what the moratorium does:

✅ Stops landlords from sending Notices To Quit

✅ Stops courts from hearing eviction cases or entering judgments

✅ Stops sheriffs from enforcing executions for possession

✅ Stops late fees + negative reporting for COVID-impacted tenants

✅ Moratorium on residential foreclosures

✅ Moratorium on evictions of small businesses


Here's a FACT SHEET from Greater Boston Legal Services about Massachusetts' eviction and foreclosure moratorium:

Read a comprehensive FACT SHEET on what the new moratorium does here: https://www.masslegalhelp.org/covid-19/housing

Find info on emergency shelters here.

Find info on debt collection here.


Mutual Aid Links:

Massachusetts Mutual Aid by Mass. Jobs with Justice: https://www.massjwj.net/news/2020/3/17/cover-19-mutual-aid-networks

Mutual Aid for Undocumented Folks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/18p9OSlLpSYanIoUC-gEbhVbRMYVUfw4wyrixa9ekGdc/htmlview?sle=true

Information Compiled by AARW: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-x6vOZKVsla5H363mtdgcyivvLmcx7-f2s6l-O_ba8A/edit

Fondos de ayuda de emergencia: https://docs.google.com/document/d/173JFwij9WUPuPHIBGKgk8lauYLPIkXZtkIeUZg6U_GI/edit?usp=sharing