Pledge of Resistance to Eviction during COVID19

Tenants and homeowners in Massachusetts won a big victory with the April 20th passage of the strongest moratorium law in the nation. It prevents evictions until roughly mid-August, 2020.

What happens after that? The Mass Landlords Association predicts that hundreds of thousands of eviction cases will be filed across our state. That is a nightmare scenario.  

Three things stand in the way of mass evictions and foreclosures this fall – and those 3 things are linked.

  1. Growing a large and powerful movement for housing justice.
  2. Our determined resistance home by home, apartment building by apartment building.
  3. New legislation that builds on the moratorium. This includes protection from eviction for tenants and homeowners after the moratorium and some form of rent control.

In order to defend our homes, we are asking you to make a pledge of resistance in line with City Life’s “shield and sword” method.

  • I pledge to use all my available legal rights to defend my home and cancel covid debt.
  • I pledge to come to two actions per month this fall, virtual or in person, to stop evictions.
  • I pledge to support new legislation to cancel rent and mortgage debt and lift the ban on rent control.

I understand that by making this pledge, I will be contacted by City Life to alert me to eviction struggles coming up.  I understand that information from this pledge will not be used in any public way.

GOAL: 170 signatures

Will you sign?