At City Life, we help people stay in their homes. 

City Life/Vida Urbana is a grassroots community organization committed to fighting for racial, social and economic justice and gender equality by building working class power. We promote individual empowerment, develop community leaders and build collective power to effect systemic change and transform society.

Are you fighting to stay in your home?

Join us at one of our weekly meetings, where you can speak with an organizer and lawyer, and meet others that are fighting the same battles! We have meetings in three locations:

Boston: Every Tuesday Night at 6:30, 284 Amory Street in Jamaica Plain. 
East Boston: Every Wednesday Night at 6:30, 28 Paris Street in East Boston.

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Recent News from CLVU

Effective immediately, City Life/Vida Urbana's OFFICES ARE CLOSED to the public through at least Monday, 3/30/20 (two whole weeks) due to the COVID-19 crisis.

BUT our movement for housing justice, dignity and care for all won't stop! We're moving our weekly meetings online, starting this week. We won't meet in person at all for our our weekly Tuesday night meetings in Jamaica Plain, nor our Wednesday night meetings in East Boston, until the crisis is over. But please do join our meetings online - FIND OUT HOW TO ATTEND OUR ONLINE MEETINGS HERE:

Our organization is continuing to work hard for mutual aid and other forms of social and economic justice in this crisis. We're turning our attention to the many ways that we can support each other right now.

IMPORTANT NEWS: A Massachusetts judge has postponed most evictions in our state. Please call our hotline (above) with any questions about how the eviction postponement affects your case. 
With solidarity and care for one another,
City Life/Vida Urbana 

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Every week, between 80-125 people from all walks of life, including many who are facing displacement, come to City Life meetings in Jamaica Plain and East Boston to build a vibrant local movement for housing justice. Our culture is one of deep relationship and connection to each other, and we hold that very dearly. We are committed to protecting both this crucial movement space as well as the health and wellness of the hundreds of people who walk through our doors.

Today, we launched a petition for a state-wide moratorium on evictions in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Massachusetts residents, please sign the petition and share! No one should have to choose between saving their home and being exposed to #COVID19, especially folks with the least resources. And no one should have to lose their home due to the pandemic's impact on their income. #HealthNotEvictions


Public statement by City Life/Vida Urbana on COVID-19 and evictions: Shut down the eviction court during the coronavirus crisis.

Trips are cancelled. University classes are going online. Conferences and conventions are postponed. All of this is due to the coronavirus, which is clearly a real public health emergency. One obvious place not mentioned which should close down is the housing court.  It is one of the worst places to leave open if you want to prevent a spreading infection. More specifically, all evictions except those by owner-occupants should be stayed.

1. There are hundreds of people squeezed into a small space without adequate ventilation.

2. Even a person who is ill will feel that they must go to Housing Court.  Otherwise they will be defaulted and forcibly removed from their home. In other words, you can’t “self-quarantine” when you’re sick.

3. Places where people go to get help with displacement will become much harder to reach during the crisis. Hundreds of people get legal and social support each week in an attempt to prevent displacement.  But legal systems will be compromised during the crisis. Access to back rent help and mass informational meetings may have to be postponed or curtailed.

4. The stress of eviction court, the stress of threatened displacement will contribute directly to both contracting an illness such as the coronavirus and to how severely it affects you if you do contract the illness.

5. Losing your home will disrupt a family’s ability to secure heath care and necessary medicines, thus adversely affecting an individual family and encouraging the spread of the virus. Therefore, we demand, “Close down the eviction court at the Eastern Housing Court, except for evictions by owner occupants, until the coronavirus crisis is past.” 

Cerrar el tribunal de desalojo durante la crisis del coronavirus. 

Los viajes están cancelados. Las clases universitarias son por internet. Se posponen las conferencias y convenciones. Todo esto se debe al coronavirus, que es claramente una verdadera emergencia de salud pública. Un lugar obvio no mencionado que debería cerrar es el tribunal de vivienda. Ese es uno de los peores lugares abiertos al público si se desea prevenir la propagación de una infección. Más exactamente, se deben suspender todos los desalojos, excepto los de los ocupantes propietarios.

1. Hay cientos de personas aglomeradas en un espacio pequeño sin ventilación adecuada.

2. Incluso si una persona enferma sentirá que tiene que ir al Tribunal de la Vivienda. De lo contrario, perderán por incumplimiento y serán expulsados ​​de sus hogares. En otras palabras, no pueden "estar en cuarentena" aunque estén enfermos.

3. Los lugares a donde las personas acuden por ayuda con el desplazamiento serán mucho más difíciles de accesar durante la crisis. Cientos de personas obtienen apoyo legal y social cada semana en un intento por evitar el desplazamiento. Pero los sistemas legales se verán comprometidos durante la crisis. El acceso a la ayuda de alquiler atrasado y las reuniones informativas masivas pueden tener que posponerse o cancelarse.

4. El estrés del tribunal de desalojo, el estrés del desplazamiento amenazado contribuirá directamente a contraer una enfermedad como el coronavirus y a la gravedad de esa enfermedad si se contrae.

5. La pérdida del hogar afectará la capacidad de las familias de asegurar la atención médica y los medicamentos necesarios, lo que afectará negativamente a esa familia y fomentará la propagación del virus. Por lo tanto, exigimos: "Cerrar el tribunal de desalojo en el 'Eastern Housing Court', a excepción de los desalojos por parte de los ocupantes propietarios, hasta que la crisis del coronavirus haya pasado".