Losing Home: Displacement in Boston

How have rising rents lead to evictions and destabilized communities in Boston's neighborhoods? This video of potent testimonials from renters, including City Life/Vida Urbana member Christina Soares, was screened before the Boston City Council at the April 7th, 2015 hearing on displacement. A "Just Cause" Eviction Ordinance would help keep these neighbors in their homes.

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Clerida Rodriguez

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Domingo Franco

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Antonio Ennis

The tragedy of foreclosure came to Antonio Ennis’ doorstep, as it has come to millions across the country. Sitting in the back row of his first Bank Tenant Association (BTA) meeting last March, he was quiet, taking the group’s measure.

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Marshall Cooper

When Marshall Cooper couldn’t qualify for a traditional mortgage, the bank referred him to an alternative lender who offered him a loan with twice the interest rate. As the expense of caring for his aging parents made it harder and harder to meet his increasing mortgage payments, he fell behind. After two bankruptcies and a failed modification, the house went into foreclosure. Now Marshall, 75, is fighting eviction by the bank and doing everything he can to hold on to his home.

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Reggie Fuller and Louanna Hall

Tenants Reggie Fuller and Louanna Hall were faithfully paying rent on their Dorchester apartment when they heard rumors their landlord was in foreclosure. Now, after two years living in limbo as the only remaining tenants in the building, they’ve become leaders in the movement to support others facing displacement after foreclosure.


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