Petition for Dorchester rooming house renters

Dear Gregory McCarthy (of 57-59 Franklin 02145 LLC),

We're petitioning you to stop the evictions of rooming house renters at 6 Humphreys Place in Dorchester, MA. There are 20 single-occupancy rooms and one apartment in this building. The residents are people of color earning modest livings; in Boston's overheated housing market, other apartments in the area are unaffordable. The residents want and need to remain in their homes, so they're defending themselves in court.

We're asking you to do the following:

1. Stop the no fault evictions of renters at 6 Humphreys Place.
2. Sign a long-term contract with the current residents that stabilizes their tenancies and commits to repairing the building.
3. If you are going to sell the building, sell it to a non-profit developer that will transform it into stable, affordable housing for the current tenants.

Thank you.

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GOAL: 500 signatures

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