VICTORY: Jim Brooks Community Stabilization Act passed by Boston City Council!

WE WON! On Friday, October 6th, 2017, the Jim Brooks Community Stabilization Act was signed by Boston's mayor. This took almost 3 years of organizing - we testified at City Council hearings, spoke out at rallies, joined forces with other grassroots organizations, door-knocked, strategized, called our officials, produced videos, spread the word on social media, and pushed a city-wide popular campaign. Now we're celebrating VICTORY

But this is a beginning, not an end. The Jim Brooks Act is a home-rule petition, so it must now pass the Massachusetts state legislature. We're organizing so that will happen ASAP. And, since this Act is one small step on the longer road to stopping Boston's displacement crisis, we're also engaging our leaders on the front-lines of the crisis to envision stronger solutions - and we're building toward those solutions. Check out our photos on Facebook by clicking below!

Photos of Jim Brooks Act victory