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All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. For more information about how we safeguard your information, visit clvu.org/privacy_policy
Contributions are tax deductible.

Support us to build a resilient local economy in Boston’s working class communities of color


Join us for our upcoming fundraiser on March 15th!  If you cannot make it, help us spread the word, and consider making a contribution today. You can donate here or send a check to: City Life/Vida Urbana, PO Box 300107, Boston, MA 02130. Write "Ujima" in the memo.


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Boston Ujima Project is bringing together neighbors, grassroots organizers, business owners, investors, and philanthropists to create a new community-controlled economy in Greater Boston. We are challenging poverty and developing our communities by organizing our savings, businesses and customers to grow local wealth and meet our own needs.

What We’ve Done So Far:

So far, Ujima has built a membership of over 300 people and run a pilot community investment with 185 people democratically lending $20,000 to 5 small businesses with 0% interest loans. We have run educational workshops in our communities, built a Good Business Alliance of 15 businesses, and hold weekly member meetings. We have shared our work at universities and New Economy conferences, and been met with excitement for the transformative power of Ujima’s vision.

Watch this video of our Inaugural General Assembly, #DreamingWild in the Fall.

Support Ujima:

At the center of our vision is a completely new way for communities to invest in each other: a democratically-run investment fund rooted in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan. As we build towards launching the fund in Spring 2018, Ujima needs more than investment dollars to create the structure and culture that will make this vision successful.  Your financial contributions will be essential in empowering Ujima to grow, meet technological needs, and hold educational and cultural events.  Your support will enable us to host the Neighborhood Assemblies that will guide our democratic investment process, and build a robust community ready to transform the way we invest in each other.  

Ujima believes that there is a world of hope, abundance, and solidarity waiting to burst through the cracks in the surface of our city’s economy.  We hope you will support us to bring this world to life.

Learn more on our website:  https://www.ujimaboston.com/

Get in touch: [email protected]

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