Petition for Piano Factory Commercial Artists

photo courtesy of Wayne Strattman

The Piano Craft Guild building- commonly known as the Piano Factory- is a historic artist space in the South End of Boston. For over 40 years, visual artists have contributed to the artistic and commercial value of this building and the surrounding neighborhood. In November of 2017, these artists were informed that their commercial spaces would be converted into luxury residential units and they would need to move out by January of 2019. There is no reason for this eviction, aside from profit-driven business reasons. These artists who have contributed to the cultural and monetary value of this building and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent are asking for a proper negotiation agreement.

The handful of remaining artists of the Piano Factory value their workspaces, community, and relationships. Displacing and evicting artists is a wrongful pattern that has become commonplace in this city over the past several decades. If the owners want to reap the benefits of redevelopment and displacement, they also have a responsibility to negotiate fair settlements for the remaining artists who have made this building what it is today.

Letter from Boston Mayor Walsh's office:

The Ask:

We are urging The Shoreline Corporation (property manager) and Simeon Bruner (owner) to agree to a proper negotiation towards a fair deal with the remaining visual artists at the Piano Craft Guild.

To learn more about tenant organizing at the Piano Factory, click here

Who's signing

Norman D.
Louis Torres
Alexander Barry
Lolita Parker Jr.
Dale Patterson
Jacqueline McRath
Cindy Bruder
Leonard Shames
Patricia Condon
George Herbst
Mitchell Laferriere
Stephen Green
Dianne Zimbabwe
Veronique Epiter
Maddy Huacuja
Leslie Smith
Rosalind Daloson
Eli Feliciano
Mark Fox
Robert Bryant
Juliana Mayo
Judy Jackson
Jimmy Thompson
Evelyn Browne
Anthony Ellis
Richard Lovell
Joanne Lee
Renford Reid Sr.
Keitha Hassell
GOAL: 500 signatures

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