Mayor Walsh, Stand Up for Just Cause Protections from Eviction this Spring!

Mayor Walsh, Boston's displacement crisis is a racial equity issue. We need stronger protections from eviction, not resegregation. Take a stand with us for Just Cause legislation this spring! Boston residents, Call Mayor Walsh TODAY at (617) 635-4500.


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  • Ellen Nyepon
    The communities of Dorchester/Roxbury, like me are dealing with banks USBank and their investors REMIC in trying to get principal reduction loan modification. I have failed twice with and have filed for bankruptcy twice. My application is with Fay Servicing, USBanks servicer. My mortgage has been bought out at least 4 times and finally US Bank got it from Chase. It seems as though the big banks are selling to smaller banks with the purpose of foreclosing our homes under pressure from investors like REMIC. They use unfair practices to deny modifications not to mention a principle reduction loan modification. At one of my bankruptcy proceedings USBanks lawyers did not come nor respond to the Motion to .Allow Objection; so I had no mortgage. Then they was allowed to Object because they said it was a failure and neglectful on their part. I am currently waiting for them to approve my modification. If I don’t get a fair loan I will be foreclosed.