Our Current Campaigns

CL/VU is currently organizing three main campaigns:

  • Public and Private Bank Campaign (Big Banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac): In 2007, we noticed the increasing number of foreclosure evictions in housing court. We support former homeowners that have been or are going through the foreclosure process, and have demanded fair, long-term solutions.  We believe that especially in the instance of taxpayer-owned banks, these institutions should be acting in the interests of the people they serve rather than the speculators that caused the foreclosure crisis.
  • Corporate Landlord Campaign: With limited space and little housing stock, the foreclosure crisis created a perfect storm of displacement in our city. Corporate landlords would often buy foreclosed properties at bargain prices and flip the empty properties or raise the rent on occupied ones. We are currently organizing tenants at some of the largest and most egregious landlords in the city, demanding long-term affordability and collective bargaining for tenants.
  • Anti-Gentrification Campaign:  Boston is the fastest gentrifying city in the nation. With the influx in public investment in public transit and community amenities, many of the working-class communities of yesteryear are being intentionally gentrified. We are planning a collaborative campaign to better protect tenants and ensure the diversity and inclusivity of our city. We are building bridges with unique partners to truly translate this into the next generation of anti-displacement organizing.
  • Good Jobs Campaign: As rents go up, wages for low-wage workers are going down. Our Jobs Committee is member-led, and provides education and legal help for workers that have been wronged by their employer. We advocate an increase in the state minimum wage indexed to inflation, as well as earned sick time.