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Our Lady’s Guild House (OLGH) has operated in the Fenway for more than 60 years as a residence providing affordable housing for women of all ages and income levels at 20 Charlesgate West. Comprised of roughly 120 units, OLGH’s stated mission in 1993 was to “provide safe and affordable housing for single women, working women, retired women or students.” However, it appears their operating model has changed, as their website now advertises “a short-term residence for women between the ages of 18 and 50 years old who work in the Boston area and/or attend school or internship programs.” Rents at OLGH have rapidly risen since 2012 to the point that they are no longer below market rate. Dozens of disabled, older, and low-income women have already been pushed out to make way for short-term residences and AirBNBs aimed at students and young professionals.

We believe the owners have chosen to not renew the leases of women over 50 in a concerted effort to get the older women out of the building and replace them with students and younger women to whom they can charge market rate rents. Some of these older women facing eviction have lived at OLGH for decades.

We need your support to help these women continue to live in their homes. This tax-exempt charitable organization is engaging in blatant age discrimination and causing unnecessary displacement. Please show that you support these women’s right to remain in their homes by signing below.

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The Ask:

To urge the Daughters of Mary of the Immaculate Conception (owner) and Marc Roos Realty (property manager) to…

  • Reverse their decision to terminate leases with long-term older residents at Our Lady’s Guild House as of July 31st, 2018. The impending evictions are for no fault, nor for any other legitimate reason than refusing to continue to lease to older women. As these women are denied lease renewals, their very rooms are being advertised online to attract new and younger tenants.

  • Provide new and renewable leases that allow these older women to remain at Our Lady’s Guild House as long-term residents, instead of forcing them out of their homes. Single-room occupancy is the only housing they can afford in Boston.

  • Reverse the new policy of short-term rentals in this 120-room building, which limits leases to two years while adding AirBnB hotel-like rentals. This practice is displacing low-income Boston residents in favor of transitory, mostly-affluent visitors and students, as well as reducing the critically needed inventory of permanent housing in the city.

Thank you for signing,

Fenway Community Development Corporation and City Life/Vida Urbana

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Maura Russell
Yvonne Christian
Eli Susman
Mike Sweeney
Evan Lemire
Adam Haber
Gabrielle Rene
Sherisse Mayala
Robert Walker
Mike T.
Rebecca Ramer
Linda Delaney
Fadia Delva-Hoffman
Timothy John O'Brien
Blanca Pineda
Rev. Valarie Seabrook
Marc Pelletier
Mario Garcia
Phylda Reddick
Danisha Reddick
GOAL: 1,500 signatures

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