E. Boston Renters Take Refuge in Church as Maverick St. Realty Delays Repairs

Friday, November 20th, 2015: Over 20 tenants of Maverick Street Realty in Boston took refuge in a the basement of a church while their landlord continues to delay repairs to their collapsed building. The landlord will no longer fund hotels for the tenants, so they are now sheltered by the church. Support their RIGHT TO RETURN home by joining in a CANDELIGHT PROCESSION on Wednesday, 11/25, the day before Thanksgiving at 7pm. Demand that Maverick St. Realty make the repairs needed to their home after MONTHS of delay.

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  • Churches became a centers for poor refugees at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the majority of countries were implementing the law of committing country escape. Then only Norway and Netherlands kept to the old tradition, and refugees didn’t have a right to hide in churches.
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