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Why Sign:

City Realty Group is a corporation that owns a large number of properties in Jamaica Plain, and they continue to buy properties in order to charge rents that are
unaffordable to much of the existing JP/Rox community, and to build luxury housing that will intensify displacement. They are also evicting mostly people of color, including Latino families that have been in the neighborhood for decades, and local Latino-owned small businesses, like El Embajador Dominican Restaurant, which has been a landmark of Jamaica Plain for 26 years. Neighbors have taken action to organize themselves against the onslaught from City Realty only to face underhanded retaliation, like taking away amenities like laundry and parking, or multi-thousand dollar lawsuits. City Realty Group continues these racist business practices with little intervention, even though the City’s JP/ROX Plan has committed to preventing the displacement of residential, commercial and artist live/work tenancies.

Please thank Boston City Councilor Matt O'Malley as well as Karilyn Crockett, Boston's Director of Economic Policy and Research, for their efforts to date to promote negotiations with City Realty, and urge them to continue to publicly support City Realty's tenants at our November 21st neighborhood gathering at El Embajador Restaurant. And please urge Chief of Economic Development John Barros to get involved so that City Realty knows that Mayor Walsh is on the side of small business.

The Ask:

We ask for Mayor Martin Walsh, Chief of Economic Development John Barros, and City Councilor Matt O'Malley's immediate intervention to:

  1. Halt City Realty evictions of families and businesses in the JP/ROX area in accordance with the Plan JP/ROX commitment to preventing displacement.

  2. Create an action plan to bring City Realty to the negotiating table in good faith, so that current families and businesses renting from City Realty can stay in their homes and businesses spaces. These neighbors are a vital part of our JP/Rox community.

  3. Put an end to all retaliatory tactics City Realty utilizes.

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GOAL: 200 signatures

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