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UPDATE (February 2019): Ms. Poincy has won a new lease and is no longer facing no-fault eviction! Thanks to the many, many people who signed this petition - you played a role in Rosa's victory! Please sign up for our ACTION ALERT LIST and watch the victory video below:

Dear Chartwell Holdings LLC and Baker Chocolate Factory Management Team,

We are petitioning for you to stop the evictions of Section 8 tenants at the Chocolate Factory at 1220 Adams Street in Dorchester, MA.  

Rosa Poincy received a letter notifying her that her lease would be terminated on November 30, 2018.  She is a 60-year-old grandmother who is disabled and on a fixed income from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  She has been searching for other housing since receiving the first letter about her lease termination in late 2017, but has nowhere else to go.  At least one other Section 8 tenant who we know has already been displaced out of Boston because of receiving this same letter.  

Chocolate_Factory_petition_photo.jpgYour company has given eviction notices to multiple Section 8 tenants effective November 30, 2018.  There is no allegation against these section 8 tenants. There is no reason for the eviction.  You are evicting them for business reasons.  When the residents facing eviction sought to knock on doors at the Chocolate Factory to find out who else is threatened, your company prevented us from communicating with r

esidents.  That seems to be a violation of protected activity.

The Chocolate Factory has long-term income and rent restrictions.  We don't know the reason why these tenants suddenly have to leave, but it is not right to evict low- and moderate-income people just to make more money.  

We urge you to stop any no-fault evictions of Section 8 tenants and allow all Section 8 tenants to stay at the BHA/Metro defined payment standards.

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Rosa Poincy
Jennifer Brine
Rebecca Ramer
Tremayne Cross
Sylvia Cross
Lawrence Carty
Jamake Pascual
Linda Wiggins
Heather Gordon
Frezzia Herrera
Tamar Hoffman
Henrietta Barnes
Alexandra Cestone
Claire Gosselin
Allan Denchfield
Louisa Blue
Barbara Blue
Eloise Lawrence
Mike Lumetta
Charlie Keller
Saritha Ramakrishna
GOAL: 1,000 signatures

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